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From expertise from years of consulting with small/medium businesses/organizations to experience gained as a facilitator, trainer and coach, Alice Strachan has vast and deep knowledge and experience to bring to your organization.


Alice leads workshops in Crucial Conversations, Difficult Conversations, Mental Health, Stress Management and Conflict Resolution. I have also led workshops in Customer Service and Decision Making.

Other Expertise

Alice is a Level 9 Crisis Responder with Kids HelpPhone - Crisis Text Line, one of few in Canada. She has volunteered for CTL for over four years

Alice has  participated on numerous boards and committees both as a committee member and as Chair. She has been a volunteer with the Georgetown Soccer Club, for 26 years Chair of the Field of Dreams Committee (resulting in Kiwanis Field), and currently sits as the South Region representative on the Ontario Soccer Board of Directors. In December of 2022 she was appointed to the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada Board and currently chairs the Sport Integrity Committee which oversees the Office of the Sport Integrity Committee and the national Abuse Free Sport Program. 
In February of 2023 Alice was appoint to the Halton Hills Public Library Board.

Alice is a skilled planner with expertise in strategic planning and achieving success in organizations. She has worked with many not for profit corporations and municipalities helping them to develop strategic plans and strategies for their organizations and action plans to make sure the work gets done

Her certification in change management (ProSci) enables her to not only help an organization make change but help ensure that change is truly adopted and sustained.

As a mediator Alice is able to conduct mediation proceedings as well as provide conflict coaching. Her mediation skills also enable me to facilitate partnership creations, help manage conflict and support organizations in having difficult conversations

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